Ying LIN, curator from Taiwan

Ying LIN (Irene LIN) is Founder of the Protean Gallery. Art Collection Advisor.
Since 2007, Irene has been travelling to Japan and other countries in Asia, striving to build a bridge for international cultural exchanges through exquisite artworks. At the same time, stringing together the shared interests in the pursuit of art appreciation around the world.
She was one of the organizers of the "27th World Buddhist Association Buddha Painting Exhibition" held at Famen Temple in Baoji, Xi'an. The exhibition took place at The Buddha's Finger Relics and the Underground Palace, where exquisite print arts of Japanese artists Josaku Maeda, Ogura Yuki, and Taiwanese artist Shiou-Ping Liao were elegantly displayed. Her collection of master prints from Taiwan and Japan have been invited to the Forbidden City Exhibition in Beijing for the second time, where it is very rare for collections to be invited and exhibited twice. In addition, Irene has also successfully promoted the Guanlan International Printmaking Biennale to Mishima, Japan, and hosted the previous Outstanding Award-Winning Works Exhibitions. Recently, she started her journey in bringing her curations to Europe by co-organizing the exhibition in Croatia for “Print 17", a famous Japanese printmaking group, and promoting Taiwanese photography arts to exhibitions in Russia.