The III International Triennale of Contemporary Graphic Arts starts in Novosibirsk. Conditions of participation

The promoters of the International Triennale of Contemporary Graphic Arts in Novosibirsk are the Novosibirsk State Art Museum and the Ministry of Culture of Novosibirsk Oblast.
The preparation of the Triennale is under control of the Steering Committee which is working on the content of the Triennale in close cooperation with curators from different regions and countries.
The Triennale Opening Ceremony will take place on 16th September in the Novosibirsk State Art Museum.
The Triennale includes the competition part and the non-competition part.
The competition programme will include the works that have passed two selection stages and curatorial projects by participants from different regions and countries.
The non-competition programme will consist of the exhibitions of the Triennale II winners’ works. It will also include the exhibitions of the outstanding graphic artists’ works of the XX and the early XXI centuries that will be represented as curatorial projects.
Within the framework of the III Triennale a new nomination – the media-art – will be presented.
The independent international jury is invited to estimate the graphics works according to the following nominations:
- traditional graphics technologies: engraving, etching, dry point, mezzotint, aquatint, stippling, woodcut, linocut, lithography, etc.;
- original graphics: pencil, watercolour, gouache, pastel, ink, charcoal, tempera paint, acrylic paint, etc.;
- new printing technology: digital printing, artists’ own techniques, etc.
In every nomination there will be determined a winner.
The laureates of the three nominations will be awarded prizes and three rewards of equal value. Every reward constitutes 50000 roubles. The Triennale Grand Prix constitutes 100000 roubles. Grand Prix is awarded for the best graphics work of the III Triennale regardless of the technique. It implies the right to organize a personal exhibition on the IV Triennale in 2024.

Conditions of participation

The works proposed for the competition must be created in the period from 2019 to 2021 and be the author’s property. The principal material is paper. The format which is applicable for the following frame sizes: 70x90, 60x80, 40x60, 80x100 cm is the most preferable. The minimum size is 30x40 cm.
The artists can present their works in open competition independently or direct their work to the regions curators as a part of the curatorial project.

The selection of works for the Triennale is carried out in two stages:

The 1st stage (for works sent to the free competition):
The files hosted on the cloud storage services (Google Drive or Yandex. Disk) together with the images of works made in digital form (T1FF 300 dpi, SMUK, 18 cm on the larger side) must be submitted to the Steering Committee of the Triennale by means of the registration form placed on the official website of Triennale until 1st June, 2021; foreign objects should not enter the working field of the image. The participants must also provide the following elements: the author’s creative biography and the description of the works (title, year of creation, material, technique, size), the author's return address, tel. / fax, E-mail. The titles of the works must match the files names. The number of images proposed for the first stage must not exceed six. Diptychs, triptychs will be considered as two or three works here. Works that do not meet the above requirements will not be accepted for consideration.
Participants who are not registered on the official website of the Triennale and have not provided images of their works are not allowed to participate in the competition.
All materials sent for Stage 1 will not be returned.
The selection of works for the Triennale is carried out by the Triennale Art Council. No more than three works from the six presented will be selected for the exhibition. Authors whose works will be selected by the Art Council will receive personal invitations to participate in the Triennale. The full list of participants who passed the 1st stage will be published on the official website of the Triennale.
Each of the curators of the regional project must send the images of the works of the project participants to the Steering Committee of the Triennale in digital form until 15th June, 2021.
The curators who have signed a contract and authors who have passed the first stage and received official invitations to participate in the Triennale must send their works to the coordinators of the Triennale until 30th June, 2021 at their own expense and cover the financial contribution of 2250 roubles for participation in the Triennale for citizens of the Russian Federation and representatives of CIS countries. The financial contribution for other foreign participants constitutes 25 euros.
Note: the payment is made by means of the Yandex payment system via hyperlinks sent to the curators and authors, bank checks are not accepted.
In special cases, the Triennale Working Group may change the conditions of participating in the Triennale.
The laureates of the Triennale II participate in the Triennale III in 2021 without a financial contribution.
The details for payment of the participant's contribution will be specified in the contracts and personal invitations and published on the Triennale website. In case the Triennale is not held, the participants’ contributions will be refunded.
The works must be sent being unformed. On the back of each work there must be indicated the author's name, the full title, the year of creation, material, technique, and sizes in accordance with the completed form in Russian or English. A sample of the form is available on the official website of the Triennale. Small-format works (up to 60×40 cm) are sent in a flat and rigid envelope, while larger works are sent in a tube. The coordinators of the Triennale are not responsible for the damage caused to the works during transportation.
Every artist must not be represented by more than three works in the exhibition and one work in the catalogue.
The return of the works will be carried out by the Triennale Working Group in 2021-2022.
The participant has the right to transfer his works to the fund of the Novosibirsk State Art Museum. The museum has the right to accept the donated works and transfer them to the fund on the basis of the decision of the Expert Fund-Purchasing Commission of the Museum or transfer them to one of the museums of the Russian Federation. The works awarded the Grand Prix and Triennale prizes are transferred to the collection of the Novosibirsk State Art Museum at the request of the authors.
Each participant of the Triennale is sent a catalogue (free of charge).
Curators who have signed a contract and received an invitation to participate in the Triennale issue an ordinary humanitarian visa, if necessary.