Kate Levental, the American project leader

Kate Levental was born in Moscow in 1965. Marina Sokolova and Valery Levental, her parents, were scenery designers. In 1984 she entered the University named after Surikov (Translator’s note. Vasily Ivanovich Surikov was a famous Russian painter (1848-1916)), the department of painting, the theatre workshop headed by M.M. Kurilko. She defended her graduation thesis in 1990. Her project about “Petrushka” by Stravinski was nominated for the gold medal of the Academy of Arts.
In her university years and after the graduation Kate produced several performances in Moscow and in other Russian cities.
In 1989 she visited America for the first time. After the graduation she came there again and settled down in the State of Maryland. Her first personal exhibition was held in the Gallery “Alla Rogers”, Washington, Columbia in 1991. The next one was held in Henry Gallery that Kate collaborated with for a few years.
At the end of 90s Kate took up the decorative and monumental arts and set up the interior design company. She painted murals and frescoes for the residential and commercial interiors in Washington, Baltimore, New York, Palm Beach and many other cities of the USA, along with those of Europa and Russia.
Kate took part, set up and curated several exhibitions in Russian and American museums. The project “Fantasmagoria” that was carried out in the Novosibirsk Art Museum and included the works by five members of Kate’s family is considered to be especially striking.