The round table "The Contemporary Art and the Viewer: The Contexts of Interaction".

On 17th September, 2021 the Novosibirsk State Art Museum will present the round table "The Contemporary Art and the Viewer: The Contexts of Interaction", as a part of the opening programme of the III International Triennial of the Contemporary Graphic Arts.
The International Triennial of the Contemporary Graphic Arts is one of the most striking and large-scale recurrent projects of the Novosibirsk State Art Museum, aimed at presenting to the audience the latest stylistic and technological searches in the graphic art around the world. The Triennial has allowed the museum to create a special section of the foreign and Russian modern graphics, which includes about 500 works donated to the museum by the project participants.
The realization of such significant exhibition initiatives and the intentional formation of the museum art collections of the 20th-21st centuries determine the topicality of the problemmes connected with their presentation to the visitors of museums and galleries.
The programme of the round table is expected to discuss the following range of issues:
- the contemporary art in the educational programmes of the museums;
- the experience in the interpreting of contemporary art in the exposition, exhibition, publishing and other projects;
- the problems of perception of the modern art.
We invite you to take part in the round table and ask you to send an application with the topic of your speech to Svetlana Golikova, the Academic Secretary of the Museum by 1st August, 2021. The email: The time limit for a round table presentation is 10 minutes; and the time limit for a discussion speech is 2 minutes.
The materials of the round table are going to be published according to the results of the event. The texts of articles with the volume of no more than 10,000 signs are provided until 1st November, 2021, and the information about the requirements for their design will be sent to the participants of the round table after the formation of its programme.